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Matt Daniels is a designer, coder, and data scientist living in New York City. His past works include the Etymology of “Shorty” and Outkast, in graphs and charts. He decided to examine the vocabulary of hip hop artists, and this is what he found. – May 2014
BEST. RESUME. EVER. #metal #burger #job #resume #cv #typography #marysnewtown (at Mary’s)
#sollewitt #exhibition #scribble #wall #minimal (at Art Gallery Of NSW)
#sollewitt #exhibition (at Art Gallery Of NSW)


During the Bubonic Plague, doctors wore these bird-like masks to avoid becoming sick. They would fill the beaks with spices and rose petals, so they wouldn’t have to smell the rotting bodies. 

A theory during the Bubonic Plague was that the plague was caused by evil spirits. To scare the spirits away, the masks were intentionally designed to be creepy. 

got one of these in my Pub

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“The Bridge Wars”Passage 1:Rapper: MC Shan; Song: “The Bridge”; Time Mark: 1:00; Artist: MC Shan; Album: later appeared on Down By Law.Listen: “The Bridge”Passage 2 (Response): Rapper: KRS-One; Song: “South Bronx”; Time Mark: 0:54; Artist: Boogie Down Productions; Album: later appeared on Criminal Minded. Listen: “South Bronx”

Following a two year musical hiatus, Jack Adams aka Mumdance returns with ‘Twists and Turns’, a mixtape album of contrast and experimentation. Featuring 13 unreleased tracks of home listening, club orientated sounds, solo productions and collaborations with rising producers Logos and Mao, it’s a bold statement of intent from an artist set on innovating and progressing his sound.
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01. Mumdance - Demographics02. Mumdance - Doom03. Mumdance & Logos - Turrican 204. Mumdance & Logos - Move Your Body05. Mumdance & Logos - Legion06. Mumdance - Dragon Egg07. Mumdance & Mao - Truth08. Mumdance - Amiga 50009. Mumdance - Its Peak10. Mumdance & Logos - Drum Boss11. Mumdance & Logos - In Reverse12. Mumdance - Springtime13. Mumdance - The Wash
BASS @lonosmyth #marys
Van Gogh-esque aurora over Whitehorse, Yukon, on September 3, 2012 (source: David Cartier
The resulting coronal mass ejection (CME) shot through space at 900 miles per second. Although it wasn’t aimed directly at Earth, it did interact with our magnetosphere, causing some spectacular auroras to appear on Monday night.

The solar filament eruption of August 31, 2012

The SDO’s Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) produced images of the eruption, which reached a half million miles into space, capturing light at 335, 171, 304 and 131 angstroms. The data from these observations were used to creating the spectacular video that NASA released on Tuesday, the first half showing the images from the 304 and 171 angstrom observations, and the second half being apparently a composite.
Burnin’ (Taken with Instagram)
"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not."
Dr. Seuss